Blog-0-Sphere 101

Hello Brand New World.

I’m just a bit concerned about getting a heel stuck in an unfamiliar grate or finding an alien life form; but all in all happy to be on the new planet.

Dae&Write will share what I’m reading and writing.  And some recipes along the way.

Today’s topic:  The Snow Child.

Based on a Russian folktale it says.  And by “based” I assume the author means copied directly.  Which brings me to another book I’m reading:  The Unexpected Guests.  A re-writing of Mrs. Dalloway.  And then there are all the Mr. Darcy Does Dallas P&P rip-offs.  I don’t mean Bridget Jones’ etc.  I love Bridget.

But back to The Snow Child:  it’s cold in Alaska.  Very very cold.  And gray.  And there’s a magical girl who is made of snow but not really but maybe.  And maybe everyone is crazy because of how cold and dark it is.  And maybe not.  The prose explicating the landscape works; but the plot has holes you can drive an iceberg through.  It’s fun to read though except all the animal skinning.  All in all, I give it a 85.

This is a learning blog.  I want to incorporate art, links and much higher thought next time.

For now, Good Dae!




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