Up In The Air

I have a book review and menu post coming (preview:  A Land More Kind Than Home, Wiley Cash, snakes) but I could not resist posting from 10,000 feet up.


Gogo informs me I’m in Air & Online; and so it appears to be.  A 4 a.m. wake up call, re-routing of the first flight, middle seat to Atlanta, long wait in Atlanta, middle seat to California.  After a two hour nap, I’m awake enough to have discerned how to purchase an hour of time on the gogo inflight net and check my email.  (No email from the publishers yet.)

Stuffed into the second middle seat of the journey, Delta adds insult to injury by placing the power pack for the seat back video systems at the floor space below — you guessed it — the middle seat.  And remember those free, cross-country movies?  Nope.  You have a video on demand system now.  More choices, but they all cost more money.  So does a moderately comfortable seat apparently.

As the herd of passengers boarded, I was struck by the number of people desperately talking on or texting on their mobile device.  Here they stood amid a throng of people they might never have a chance to meet or interact with again, and they were glued to a small piece of glass and plastic as if their lives depended upon them.  The recent sociological observation that those who spend more time on-line are lonelier makes sense to me.  If one is glued to one’s iPhone, blackberry, iPad, etc., then the only real relationship one is cementing is the relationship with the device.  (She typed ironically on to her MacBook Air.)

Even on-board the plane, it’s rare that one encounters the Chatty Cathy type of obnoxious seat mate for whom earplugs were obviously invented.  Although, on the flight from Lexington to Atlanta, I did have just one such person.  And although I didn’t particularly want to have a long involved conversation about her emergency room doctor daughter at 6:30 a.m., I suppose I admire her spirit.   



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