A Radio Interview

ATR COVERI had the pleasure of talking on Artist First Radio with author Doug Dahlgren. It was a fun hour talking about writing, books, inspiration and After the Race. http://www.artistfirst.com




Doug Dahlgren

Doug is the author of nine novels, including seven in The Sonseries. He hosts a weekly show where he interviews an author and I was so pleased to be today’s guest.

My college friend, sorority sister and author Katie Hart Smith introduced me to Doug and arranged for the interview. Thanks to Katie and to Doug for a wonderful hour talking fiction.


Check out Doug’s work and his website at https://www.dougdahlgren.com.


Katie Hart Smith

Katie is a writer as well, her most recent book, High Cotton and Magnolias, is historic fiction, third in a series of Addie Engel, a nurse in training at Atlanta’s Sacred Heart Hospital. Her website has more information about Katie and her work: http://www.katiehartsmith.com.



If you’d like to know a bit more about After the Race, or my writing background (including making my little sisters dress up like a cat and a dog to perform a Christmas play), check out the podcast! Here’s the link:


Have a great weekend!

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