About DaeandWrite

It’s all about books.  And menus.  And music.  And entertainment ideas.  And suggestions.  And books.

Here you will find book reviews, about once a week, with menu suggestions, recipes and musical accompaniment for book club discussions.  I’ve also just decided it would be fun to add dream casting for the books and I hope you will comment on those casts, argue with me or add your own ideas!

I’m glad you’ve dropped by.  Daeandwrite gives me a chance to write.   My book club of twenty years operates this way:  we use the book under discussion as the springboard for a menu.  Often we will also try to fit the background music to go with the discussion.

Please stop by and “like” my Facebook author page:  Pamela Dae for photos, poems, quotations and observations.

I hope you will come back often and bring a friend of two with you.books

My novel, After the Race, is now available! Alexandra was raised to be the next Jackie ATR COVERKennedy. Just as her mother intended, Alexandra’s summer internship on Capitol Hill results in the perfect fiancé, a future job, and D.C. political savvy. But when Alex returns to college for her final year and falls in love with a handsome, blue-jeaned bike champion, she must choose between the two men and the lives they represent, and decide whether she can defy her mother’s designs to fulfill her own dreams. Ultimately, Alexandra must find within herself the power to confront the one unplanned event that could derail everything.

Order from rabbithousepress.com, amazon.com, or buy at Joseph-Beth booksellers or your local bookstore. If they don’t have it, ask them to order!


And I’d love to hear from you.  Whether it’s a book suggestion, your own book club menu or a recipe, movie casting idea or music.

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