About DaeandWrite

It’s all about books.  And menus.  And music.  And entertainment ideas.  And suggestions.  And books.

Here you will find book reviews, about once a week, with menu suggestions, recipes and musical accompaniment for book club discussions.  I’ve also just decided it would be fun to add dream casting for the books and I hope you will comment on those casts, argue with me or add your own ideas!

I’m glad you’ve dropped by.  Daeandwrite gives me a chance to write.   My book club of twenty years operates this way:  we use the book under discussion as the springboard for a menu.  Often we will also try to fit the background music to go with the discussion.

Please stop by and “like” my Facebook author page:  Pamela Dae for photos, poems, quotations and observations.

I hope you will come back often and bring a friend of two with you.books


And I’d love to hear from you.  Whether it’s a book suggestion, your own book club menu or a recipe, movie casting idea or music.  

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