Comments & Notes from You Are Welcome!

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Did you like or dislike one of the books featured on daeandwrite?  Did you try a recipe?  Music?  Do you have a different movie cast in mind?  Have you or your book club read a book that you would like to see featured on daeandwrite?  Or would you just like to say hello?  I’d love to hear from you!

9 thoughts on “Comments & Notes from You Are Welcome!

  1. My sister’s book club of 30 years is getting ready to do a book I wrote called Love In An Iron Bowl, a true story set in China. Her husband’s book club of more than 10 years just did the same book. At that club meeting, I served 100 Chinese dumplings I made by hand, and then answered questions about the book – a big hit. Chinese dumplings are a bit tricky to roll, but otherwise are easy to make. I wonder if your book club would enjoy something like that (or you could always buy pre-made dumplings from Sam’s Club).

  2. I really enjoy your suggestions! Your food pairings seem to always match up with my ideas, although your actual execution is probably better than mine. You provide an invaluable resource for those desiring of starting their own book club! 🙂

    Thank you so much for your awesome ideas!

  3. Hi – intrigued by casting A Gentleman in Moscow. My ideas: Hugh Jackman as the Count, Keira Knightly or Nicole Kidman as Anna, Stanley Tucci as Emile

  4. I adored reading about Count Rostov.
    I visualized him (in a movie) as the ever elegant David Niven.
    Can we resurrect him and make a movie?

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