Waiting.  Not my favorite activity.  If a passive verb like “wait” can even be considered an activity.

But waiting seems to be the thematic element in my world today.  I’m waiting on the editors and agent to read my manuscripts.  I’m waiting on spring — we are all waiting on spring!  UK fans are waiting on next basketball season.  I’m waiting on the US Attorney’s office to get back to me on a case.  Waiting on the mail.  Waiting on a check.  

It’s hard to be good at waiting.  Americans in particular seem hard-wiredly disinclined to wait.  In the words of Veruca Salt, we want it now, Daddy!  But whether it’s a check, a romance, a basketball season, a new recruit or a book deal, sometimes I can’t have it now so the choice becomes either to wait or to give up on it.

There’s a wonderful novel called Embers, written in 1942 by Sandor Marai, but rediscovered and published in English only in the year 2000 that delves into the exquisite passion of waiting for years to confront, resolve and avenge a wrong.  On a snowy day like today, it’s the perfect read.

I decided to add song lists to my blog topics in addition to photos and menus, when appropriate.  Some of my favorite songs about waiting:

Watching the Wheels, John Lennon

Waiting on a Girl Like You, Foreigner

Waiting on a Friend, Rolling Stones

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, Otis Redding