Time Travel Requires Chocolate


I went back home again to Indiana over New Year’s weekend with the goal of finishing a novel that had its birth on the campus of IU.  The snow covered walking trails transported me to my undergraduate days.  I sat at my rented desk in the IMU Hotel and watched the snow fall into the darkening woods.  The golden light from my desk spilled out from the window.  Occasionally a dog leading a professor trotted past my window.  The Well House stood just beyond my sight range, but I knew it was there.  I stopped into the book store and bought an IU t-shirt, the white Upsilon logo familiar from so many t-shirts thrown out years ago.  Between words, I stopped into Nick’s English Pub for a burger and a beer, finding it untouched by time, as I knew that I was not.  All in all, I was glad the bookstore was open and well-stocked with candy.  Time travel requires chocolate.

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