Vacation Reads Summer 2014


   What a joy to have two weeks at the beach to read.  I took full advantage and here are some recommendations for your Summer Reading list.

  Breakfast Served Anytime, a sweet, yearning, learning coming of age novel by Kentucky author Sarah Combs.  Full review here:

  Man Alive!  A Novel.  Mary Kay Zuravleff’s novel about a physician struck by lightening on his last day of summer vacation and the havoc his injuries wreak on his life, his wife and his children due to his lightening-induced fixation on barbecue.  Strange and funny and sad and wondrous, much in the vein of Karen Russell’s Swamplandia.  (Incidentally another great read.)

man alive                           swamplandia

  The Next Time You See Me, by Holly Goddard Jones.  Another Kentucky author.  Another great book.  This one not for young adults.  Full review here:

   Beautiful Disasters, Jamie McGuire.  Apparently, this was one of the first “new adult” novels, focusing on sex among college students.  It’s fun, easy and quick.  Kinda sexy, but not overly erotic by any means.

   Love Falls, by Esther Freud, on the other hand is billed as “young adult” and is basically the same age group as the protagonists in Beautiful Disasters but my, oh, my . . . Freud’s European teens deal with quite a bit more than the first love and fight club of Beautiful Disasters.  Freud even has a nod to her grandfather Sigmund’s penis-envy, which is semi-hilarious.  The question I want to ask her was whether she realized it was in there or was her subconscious planting that?

beautiful                         love falls

     The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender, by Leslye Walton.  What a wonderful way to end my trip!  You know how sometimes, you luck into a book.  Picking it off the shelf because it’s next to another one you’ve heard of, or it looks interesting?  This is one of those books.  There’s a wonderful, independently-0wned bookstore on Sanibel Island called MacIntosh Books & Paper which we make a point of visiting on every trip to Captiva.  I saw Ava Lavender on a shelf of recommendations by a book store employee, picked it up and was enchanted for the final day of my vacation by the girl born with wings.


   Happy Reading!


*Painting by John Lavery

*Photo fair use

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